Discussion group 1:
Curriculum reform: movements, processes and policies
Manuel Martínez Carranza 1 Auditorium - Civil

What are the forces that drive or inhibit curriculum reform, and what are the instruments for reform? How do we know whether reform is progress? How do the various agents responsible for mathematics education policy interact?

  • James Tarr (USA)
  • Fan Liang Huo (Singapore)
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Team members:
  • Ryosuke Nagaoka (Japan)
    ryo@u-air.ac.jp and rnagaoka@lamancha.u-air.ac.jp
  • Behiye Ubuz (Turkey)
  • Hugo Balbuena (Mexico)
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Aims and focus

In process. Please consult later.

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Call for papers
The papers will soon be available for downloading here.
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