Discussion group 23:
Current problems and challenges in non-university tertiary mathematics education
Room A209 and A208

DG 23 gathers congress participants interested in exchanging ideas, and discussing issues and dilemmas related to mathematics education in non-university tertiary institutions (NUTI). NUTI is defined here as a post-secondary education institution other than a university. Apart from issues on faculty development and professional growth, teaching and learning facilities, policy issues, graduate placement and general work environment, some specific questions are:

  1. What are the current problems and challenges pertaining to the teaching and learning of mathematics at NUTI? How are these issues being addressed?
  2. Are there developments in research based information that enrich programs in NUTI? How are these programs evaluated e.g. in terms of conceptual understanding, procedural skills, cognitive and thinking skills, etc.?
  3. What are the current developments in the assessment of student learning at NUTI?

For those who are interested in participating by presenting a proposal, please note the following deadline and specifications for DG 23:

  • 31 January 2008: Submission of full papers.

Abstracts and full papers (seven pages maximum) are to be submitted
as (MS Word, Times New Roman, Font Size 12) attachment to the DG

Information on how to apply for an ICME-11 grant can be found here. Note that the deadline is February 15.

The DG 23 Organizing Team also welcomes all who are interested in contributing
in this discussion group. Please be advised that according to the rules of
the Congress, one cannot contribute to two different discussion groups.

further information about Discussion Group 23 and how to contribute,
please visit the website listed above or contact the co-chairs.

  • George Ekol (Uganda)
    ekol@math.mak.ac.ug & g_ekol@yahoo.com
  • Sadie Bragg (USA)
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Team members:
  • Soledad Bravo (Mexico)
  • Ching Auxencia Limjap (The Philippines)
    limjapa@dlsu.edu.ph & ching_limjap@yahoo.com
  • Low-Ee Huei Wuan (Singapore)
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  • Sadie Bragg – sbragg@bmcc.cuny.edu
  • Marcos Zyman – mzyman@bmcc.cuny.edu
  • Félix Apfaltrer – fapfaltrer@bmcc.cuny.edu
  • Marilyn Mays – memays@dcccd.edu
  • Vilma Mesa – vmesa@umich.edu
  • Stephen Krevisky – skrevisky@mxcc.commnet.edu
  • Randy Taylor – rtaylor@laspositascollege.edu


  • George Ekol – g_ekol@yahoo.com


  • Auxencia “Ching” Limjap – ching_limjap@yahoo.com


  • Ildar Safuanov – safuanov@yahoo.com
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