Discussion group 4:
Reconceptualizing the mathematics curriculum
Genaro Salínas Quiroga Auditorium and E301, E302 y E303 - Law

Notions such as numeracy, mathematical literacy, mathematical competences, mathematical proficiency, and core curriculum constitute challenges to traditional concepts of the mathematics curriculum based on mathematical topics by focusing on the outcomes of mathematics education rather than on descriptions of the specific subject matter content to be covered. What are the differences between the various notions, and what are the advantages and the drawbacks of such approaches in comparison with topics based approaches?

  • Jane Schielack (USA)
  • Yeping Li (China/USA)
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Team members:
  • Henrique Guimarães (Portugal)
  • Tomas Jensen (Denmark)
  • Hanene Abrougui (Tunisia)
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Aims and focus

Specific goals for DG 4 at the Congress are:

1. To share information about current or planned reconceptualization efforts that are underway and the relevant issues that have arisen in relation to these efforts

2. To produce a summary of the critical issues surrounding mathematics curriculum reconceptualization

To accomplish these goals, the members of the Organizing Team for ICME-11 Discussion Group 4 solicited discussion proposal addressing our topic. The resulting agenda for the three DG 4 sessions is posted below. Brief summaries or links to papers related to the presentations on the agenda are also posted below. We encourage you to read these in preparation for attendance and group participation. We look forward to seeing you at the DG 4 sessions.

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